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gh acc◆uracy because we d〓idn't give the●m enough pressur●e," said Guangdong's● head coach● Du Feng. "D●efense will be ou

t ◆priority in● the next game."Th◆e fourth gam●e of the series● will still◆ be played in Lon●ggang, Shenzhen on F■riday.Please〓 scan the QR Code ■to follow us ●on InstagramPlease s●can the QR Cod◆e to

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follow us● on WechatChina boos■ts cartoon,


g〓ame cooperation al●ong Belt and● RoadChina boosts ○cartoon, game coop◆eration along Be○lt and RoadChina ●boosts cartoon, ●game cooperation a●long Belt and Road02●-27-2017 0■6:54 BJTCh○ina will push● international coope◆ration in the ●cartoon and ●game industry i●n countries a◆long the Belt○ and Road, said○ authorities

on ○Sunday.A cooperat●ion and exch■ang

ly〓 three Guang●dong

e program in the ○sector was laun〓ched on


Sunday, s○aid organizers of■ the China Intern○ational Cart◆oon and Game Expo● scheduled ●for July in Sha●nghai.The ev○ent will have a ◆special Belt ●and Road hal○l to exhibit cartoon◆ works from partic●ipating cou〓ntries and boost c●ommercial coope●ration.Chin■a's Ministry o●f Culture has made ●it a key task this● year to st●rengthen co●operation in the 〓cartoon and game s●ector along the〓 Belt and Road.T○he Belt and R●oad Initiative,● proposed by Chin◆a in 2013,● aims to build a 〓trade and in●frastructur●e network co●nnecting Asia with ■Europe and Africa al●ong the ancient○ Silk Road trad●e routes.The expo■, which has been●

held annually〓 in Shanghai since ●2005,

players ■scored in double-

is co-sp◆onsored by the M○inistry of◆ Cu


lture and S〓hanghai municipal ●government. Ple〓ase scan the QR Co●de to follow us o○n InstagramPlease ■scan the QR Code 〓to follow us on We■chatMan Dandan w〓ins China's fir■st gold at Asian W●inter GamesMan● Dandan wins Ch○ina's first gold■ at Asian Winter G◆amesMan Da〓ndan wins China's fi●rst gold at A■sian Winter Games0●2-21-2017 06●:42 BJTSAPPORO, J◆apan, Feb. 〓20 (Xinhua) -- Cross●-country ski○er Man Dandan won■ the women's 1.4 k◆m individual sprin■t classical here○ on Monday,◆ pocketing China■'s first gold● at the eighth A○sian Winter Games."●I was in g○ood form toda◆y," said the ■28-year-old girl af〓ter wining the ti●tle in the fin◆al round with 3 〓minutes an■d 48.29 sec●onds."I didn't thin■k much, but jus●t focused o◆n the

games.● As a veteran, I■ want to set a ?/p>

d●igits. Donald ?/h2>

鰃ood example for my 〓younger teammate○s b


y doing my b■est regardless● of the re●sults," she s●aid.Mikko ●Olavi Virtanen, h〓ead coach of the● Chinese cross■-country skiing team■, said after th●e game that he is h〓appy with Man Da●ndan's performance.◆"She is a ●super talent●ed sprint skier... ○Her biggest prob◆lem before was to m◆aintain the spee●d for four r○oun

ds of the comp◆etition. We h○ave been wo

, ◆played for

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30 m●inute

rking o◆n that for the pa●st seven months. ●I have been givin○g her advice such ■as how to save t■he energy till th●e final round,〓" he said, ad■ding that M◆an is a good le

s but


arn●er.He also said● that the Chin●ese cross-country● skiing tea◆m has a hu〓ge potential. ◆"We have a ○quite young team. ●We still have fiv〓e more years ●to Beijing W●inter Olympics. I ho●pe we can conti●nue this good w〓ork for a long term○," he said.◆Yelena Kol●omina from Kazakhsta●n took the sli■ver and Ju○ Hye Ri from South ■Korea got ■the bronze. Au○stralia's Casey○ Wright finis◆hed the third in● the final round b◆ut did not ●get a medal as a g●uest athlete◆.In the

h only s

men's ●event, Kim Magnus of■ South Korea won th●e gold and Sun Qingh◆ai of China〓 took the ●silve

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